By Clarrisa Gardner
Activities Director
Abbyshire Skilled Nursing and Rehab


ActivitiesDo you remember the first day of kindergarten? If you do, you remember how scary it was going to a new place and knowing no one. Initially, this can be the same situation for new residents coming into our facility.

One of our jobs in the Activities Department is to help alleviate some of that stress. We help bring people together with common interests, as well as introducing them into our facility.  It may be something as simple as finding someone else that enjoys doing puzzles, playing cards, or reliving the “good old days.” Forming a close bond with your peers helps residents to feel more comfortable in new surroundings.

Activities give residents something to look forward to during the day.  It may be something as simple as their favorite game, their favorite church group coming in that evening, or going on an outing to their favorite restaurant.  It is something to do other than watching television alone in their room and watching the days on the calendar slowly pass by.

Activities for residents help family members feel more comfortable leaving loved ones behind. It helps them to see that their loved one is excited about an activity and happy when it is time for them to leave them behind. It also helps that loved ones see friendships made through common interest.

Can you imagine kindergarten without recess? That would be pretty boring. Activities provide “recess.” We provide games, fun, and laughter, but above all that we provide friendship and lifetime bonds. You are never too old to have fun and you are never too old to make new friends.