By Rachel Harvey
Admissions Director
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab

When touring a facility, you may wonder what the most important questions are to ask.  This short list highlights some important questions to ask any facility when touring and answers about what our facility has to offer.

What is your star rating- Abbyshire Place is a 4 star facility overall by CMS.

Abbyshire Place Skilled NursingWhat does your activities calendar look like? All activities are posted on each unit in our monthly calendar as well as each resident’s room. We also give out the daily newsletter, providing information about our daily activities.

What is the availability of management staff? At Abbyshire Place, we have management staff here 7 days a week, including holidays. We have evening managers, weekend managers, and all managers scheduled throughout the week days.

Are all of your nurses staffed from in house? Abbyshire does not use outside nursing agencies. We hire and train all nursing staff in house so they are most familiar with our residents and facility.

Is there someone to help me plan for life changes? We have a social worker on staff full time who is available to assist in your needs in discharge planning to long term planning.

What is the availability of your therapy staff? At Abbyshire, our therapy staff work 7 days a week to ensure you or your loved one get back to health as soon as possible.  We also hire and train all of our therapy staff in house.

Abbyshire Place Skilled NursingDo you offer private therapy suites? Abbyshire has no extra charge for our short term private therapy suites when coming skilled with insurance approval. Our short term therapy rooms are designed to bring the comfort of your own home to you while you stay with us. These rooms are just steps away from our therapy department with the ease of access in mind.

Call and schedule your tour today at Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing and Rehab with Rachel Harvey, our Admissions Director by calling 740-446-7150.