Celebrating the Holidays with Your Loved One in Long-Term Care

Abbyshire Place Christmas HolidayThe holidays are a time for tradition, family, and celebrations. When a family member or loved one is placed in long term care, we often feel as if we cannot celebrate as we used to. We here at Abbyshire Place welcome families to partake in all of our holiday activities as well as suggest holiday traditions we can add into our schedule that other residents may also enjoy.

At Abbyshire Place, we focus on the healthcare and happiness of all residents, whether it be a short term stay, long term resident, or memory care. We offer several activities and accommodations for all of those that wish to be included in our celebrations. Abbyshire’s staff also works with families looking to take residents home for the holidays who are currently under private pay and Medicaid.

We welcome families and friends of residents to visit whenever they can as well as volunteers, especially around the holidays. Our staff works overtime during these special times to ensure that each resident feels special and happy during the holidays.

To schedule your tour during our holiday events, please call us today at 740-446-7150 for more information about our short term rehab suites, memory care, and long term care rooms available.