Fundraising and Donations

Clarissa Gardner
Activity Director
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

FundraisingFundraising and donations are a crucial part of any activities program. Every activity program needs a well-rounded fundraising program with sources of diversified sources of revenue. Activities rely on fundraising and donations to raise money for special events and outings, as well as buying new equipment.

Fundraisers can be as simple as a bake sale, this isn’t the most popular fundraiser for nothing, folks. The bake sale has it all: delicious desserts, home-cooked food, and bonding between residents and staff. This tried and true fundraising event is an American classic everyone loves. Participants love to show off their culinary expertise, and check out the accomplishments of friends and staff.

Another popular fundraiser is lunch time fundraisers. This is always a hit with staff as well as residents. Taco Tuesdays are always a big success as well as hotdogs with sauce and chips. Residents can be helpful with these fundraisers by helping take orders or simply taking money and giving change.

Donations are a blessing that take place all throughout the year from clubs, groups, and organizations and businesses. This can be monetary as well as clothes, blankets, games or simply everyday items. However the best donation that we receive is simply time. Volunteers are an invaluable asset to any activity program. They can help by providing entertainment such as singing, church services, crafts, or by simply spending time with residents. All donations are appreciated no matter how big or small.

What do we do with the money from fundraising and donations? Well donations help residents go on outings such as restaurants, trips, as well as purchasing things they may need or want here in the facility. All the money raised and donations received are to help enrich the lives of the residents during their stay.