Dave Bevan
Business Office Coordinator
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

Ohio Medicaid and Eligibility

Medicaid When in need of long term care placement in a skilled nursing facility it is important to understand that though an individual may not be Medicaid eligible while living in the community, the income eligibility limits are higher when an individual resides in a nursing facility. The basic Medicaid eligibility requirement may be met for a skilled nursing facility confinement if the individual’s monthly gross income is at or below the 2018 limit of $2,250. Keep in mind this limit is based upon gross income. It is not the income amount one sees being deposited monthly to their bank account.

In addition, if the individual’s gross income does exceed the current limit of $2,250 the State of Ohio has allowed another option in obtaining Medicaid eligibility by the establishment of a Qualified Income Trust to which monies in excess of the $2,250 gross income limit are deposited on a monthly basis. By this option, monies being deposited into the Qualified Income Trust are no longer considered to belong to the individual and thereby are not counted towards the income limit. The only stipulation on monies being deposited into the Qualified Income Trust is that they can be spent by the individual but only towards medical expenses. This includes the individual’s monthly share of cost amount owed to the skilled nursing facility as stipulated by the Ohio Medicaid program.

Qualified Income Trust

Opening of a Qualified Income Trust account can be opened at almost all banking institutions and in most cases on the same day. The process is not difficult as long as the individual can show proper identification or the individual’s legal representative can provide identity and written authority to act on the individual’s behalf.

All skilled nursing facilities should have access to the Qualified Income Trust forms and be able to provide guidance through the process. It is important that anyone in need of a Qualified Income Trust start the process of opening the account prior to filing for Medicaid as no eligibility can be determined until this has been completed.

If you would like to discuss any Medicaid eligibility issue or concerns specific to your circumstances please feel free to contact the Business Office at Abbyshire Place.