Dave Bevan
Business Office Coordinator
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

Medicaid Eligibility

In some instances individuals needing nursing home placement believe they are not eligible for Medicaid assistance due to the amount of their assets.  Though we at the nursing center do not make Medicaid eligibility determinations, as that is the role of the local DJFS office, we can offer the following general guidelines.

The basic requirement is that an individual cannot have more than $2,000 in cash assets which includes all bank accounts, stocks, bonds, CDs, trusts, annuities and life insurance policies (provided they have a cash value).   Life insurance policies can be removed from the equation if they are transferred over to an irrevocable burial contract with a funeral home.  Those who are in excess of the $2,000 limit have the option of paying privately until the funds are depleted, applying a portion to a pre-paid funeral plan or a combination of both.

Property on which the individual resides is excluded as an asset provided it is the intention of the individual to return home once their anticipated nursing home stay has ended.  If a spouse or other close relative also resides in the home and continues to do so then it is excluded as well.  But one item to note is the State of Ohio may pursue the property to recover costs paid for the resident once all involved parties have either deceased or vacated the property.  Eligibility for individuals with property in addition to the homestead can be an issue and the property in question may need sold before eligibility can be established.

An individual is allowed one vehicle that is excluded from the eligibility calculation.

Bear in mind DJFS has a 5 year look back period to determine if property or cash has changed hands for the purpose of hiding assets.  It has been our experience this is the number one reason for eligibility denials.  Depending on your particular circumstances many of the asset items listed above that are perceived to be an eligibility issue may have a remedy.

If you would like to discuss your particular Medicaid eligibility circumstances please feel free to contact the Business Office at Abbyshire Place.