Dave Bevan
Business Office Cooridinator
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Medicaid Resource Assessment

When admitting to a skilled nursing facility a Medicaid Resource Assessment notice is offered to all new residents regardless to amount of income and value of assets owned.  The purpose of this resource assessment is to request the local Medicaid office to make a determination as to how assets are to be distributed and whether an individual is eligible for Medicaid without actually filing for Medicaid coverage.  The fee for this request is $50.00 but, on the other hand, no fee is assessed if an individual proceeds with the filing of actual Medicaid application and thereby the Medicaid office still makes a determination as to their Medicaid eligibility.

Medicaid Resource Assessment Why request a Medicaid Resource Assessment for a fee when the same can be accomplished by filing a Medicaid application?  The main reason relates to married couples and how assets are to be divided once one of them enters a nursing facility and the other remains at home.  Though legally married the Medicaid office will treat them as individuals for purposes of dividing up assets and determining eligibility.  For example, a couple with savings of $100K or more could opt for spending the entire amount towards the spouse’s healthcare costs and then filing for Medicaid coverage leaving the spouse at home with nothing once the funds are depleted.   But by requesting the resource assessment at time of admission the Medicaid office will divide up the $100K and indicate what portion belongs to the spouse still at home and how much belongs to the spouse residing in the nursing facility.  At the time the funds assigned to the spouse in the nursing facility are spent they could then file for Medicaid coverage while the spouse at home still has their portion of the funds to spend (or not spend) as they choose.   The actual calculation as to how the assets are divided is completed by the local Medicaid office and it would be wise to go this route if considerable assets are involved.

If you would like to discuss this particular Medicaid eligibility criteria or other concerns specific to your circumstances please feel free to contact the Business Office at Abbyshire Place.