How Nutritional Needs Change as We Get Older

Terri Jones
Dietary Manager
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Nutritional NeedsAs we age our nutritional needs change.  We need fewer calories as we reach every new decade. We move around less and have less muscle. Our metabolic rate goes down.

So the challenge while eating less overall is to eat more nutrient-rich foods. We need to consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts, beans, fish, low dairy products and low cuts of meat. At times in a nursing home environment this is a challenge. It is important to trigger ours senses of seeing or smelling. The baking of bread or cookies for example can be helpful to triggers these senses in the elderly.

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Elderly Adults on a Daily Basis

As we age our body needs the same amount of protein and vitamins and minerals.

Perhaps the biggest myth about nutrients and aging is that older people are set in their ways. In fact, that really not true. I have found that most elderly adults are really into eating healthy. Many are willing to change their diet for a healthier lifestyle.

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