by Tonya Bowers
Therapy Manager
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

Physical Therapy enhances the primary health of individuals and to help promote quality of life.

therapyPhysical therapy (PT) is very important for many different aspects. PT focuses on address debility with general strengthening , improving endurance,  facilitates appropriate gait and addresses balance deficits among many other things.  There are many benefits to participating in therapy. Physical Therapy is beneficial in reducing the risk of falls, decreasing pain, and it helps to avoid surgery. It can also improve mobility, prevent injuries, and improve balance/prevent falls.

Occupational helps to improve and maintain skills for everyday activities and well-being.

Occupational therapy (OT) is a health care service that facilitates functional skills to promote independent living and enhance quality of life. Occupational therapy identifies deficits individuals may have with daily activities such as self-care, work, school, and all other activities of daily living. Occupational therapy works with patients on improving overall daily function.  OT is beneficial to help improve functional activity tolerances, promote movement/dynamic skills required during daily activities , build strength required to complete functional tasks, and to teach specific skill sets required during daily occupations.

Speech is necessary for learning, interacting with others and for people to develop skills required for daily communication.

Speech starts at a very early age and develops throughout life. There are many different elements that speech is involved with such as word use, how fast and slow someone speaks, tone of voice, and the brevity of speech that affects how someone relays their message and ideals.  Speech therapy is beneficial to improving communication skills more effectively, to improve the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideals and feelings.  Speech also addresses deficits impacting self-feeding and daily consumption. Speech Therapy can aide in strengthening of oral muscles, educates on safe swallowing techniques, and identifies necessary modifications needed to reduce choking/aspirations.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy make up an interdisciplinary team that work collaboratively to address individual needs and promote a person’s quality of life.

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