Tonya Bowers
Therapy Director
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Therapy Modalities

The UltraMist modality is very beneficial to help aide in wound treatments.  This device allows therapy to help nursing in wound care responsibilities and helps with healing time.  There are many benefits with this device and it is pain free.  The article below shows all the benefits, indications, contraindications, and warnings and precautions that comes with using this device.


Therapy Modalities

The UltraMIST® system delivers low frequency ultrasound to the treatment site using a non-contact fluid (e.g., saline).  It produces a low energy ultrasound-generated mist used to promote wound healing.


• Non-contact, low-frequency ultrasound (NLFU)
• Pain-free delivery through a fluid/saline mist that acts as the medium to deliver energy to the wound
• Easy to set up/use – turn system on, attach disposable single use applicator and saline, select wound size and start treatment
• Can be administered by any trained health care professional
• Supported by vast array of clinical evidence
• Promotes healing by mechanically removing barriers to healing
• Reduces and removes a wide range of bacteria in the lab
• Increases perfusion through vasodilation ultimately increasing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue


UltraMIST® produces a low energy ultrasound-generated mist used to promote wound healing through wound cleansing and maintenance debridement by the removal of fibrin, yellow slough, tissue exudates and bacteria.


Do not use near electronic implants/prosthesis (e.g. near or over the heart or over the thoracic area if the patient is using a cardiac pacemaker); on the lower back during pregnancy or over the pregnant uterus; over areas of malignancies.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner.
  • Risk of electric shock – Do not remove cover or loosen cable connections. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Do not use if treatment wand or cables show evidence of deterioration or damage.
  • Discard disposable applicator components appropriately.
  • Risk of burns – Do not touch the metal tip of the treatment wand during operation.
  • Do not depress the treatment on/off button if an applicator is not in place.
  • Do not aim the mist at eyes or use on wounds near the eyes without proper eye protection.
  • Do not allow the treatment wand or applicator to contact the patient’s skin directly.
  • Use of the UltraMIST® System on uncovered surgical wounds should only be performed under the order of a physician.
  • Treatment effectiveness may be diminished if any of the following occur:
    • The applicator is not fully engaged, aligned and securely attached to the treatment wand.
    • The distance between the leading edge of the applicator and the wound is greater than 1.5cm (0.6″).
    • The treatment wand is not held perpendicular to the wound.
    • Infection or suspected infection of the wound should be evaluated by the physician for appropriate intervention.
    • Use of iodine-based products may cause staining of the Treatment Wand and Generator enclosure material and is not recommended.
    • If a product is damaged or suspected to be damaged in any way it should not be used for a patient treatment.