Why Activities are Important in a Long-Term Care Facility

Rachael Ray
Activity Director
Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Long-term care activitiesDuring these times, Activities are a very important part of the day. We need to keep the residents active and occupied, not only for their mental well-being but their physical well-being. Studies show that having stimulating activities help with depression.

Our Favorite activity here at Abbyshire Place is bingo. We play 2 times a week, everyone always looks forward to bingo! We do arts and crafts, and sometimes give them to a good cause. We also have hair and nail care days, the residents enjoy having their hair and nails done for a visit or an outing, makes them feel good. We do monthly birthday parties to celebrate the resident’s birthdays.

We do things a little different for our dementia residents. However, activities are just as important for our dementia residents. Activities help keep the residents active and their spirits alive. Meaningful activities are critical for those living with dementia. A meaningful activity is one that engages the persons attention and connects with them and their interest.

Dementia can cause people to become withdrawn, so it is important to have enjoyable interactions and activities for them to have a more enjoyable quality of life. We do a lot of hands-on activities like painting, puzzles coloring and cooking. We also play music from their era. Listening to music will sometimes stimulate the brain and brings joy. We try and do household activities like folding laundry and gardening, which helps them feel at home and useful. We also do exercises daily, which helps with strength. Exercise comes in many ways, from noodle ball, playing with the parachute or going for a walk.

At Abbyshire Place we do go on outings. It is important to get the residents out of the facility from time to time. We really enjoy going on bus rides in the country and sightseeing. We also go out to eat often and enjoy going to places like the bowling alley and movie theatre, to spend time away from the facility.

Along with all the other activities we do here, we have daily activities as well. We pass out a menu for the day every morning, along with a word search puzzle, and a daily chronicle, which is full of interesting facts that we read every morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and snack. It is important to have group activities to remind the residents they are not alone, activities benefit the residents in so many ways.

If you have any questions about the activity dept. please call me -Rachael Ray740-446-7150